My Norwegian Garden



My name is Raffaele Attanasio and I am the owner of this 'Virtual Neapolitan store in Norway'.

From this blog I'll talk to you about my experiences in men's clothing.

I would like to start by telling you that a clothing store is like a garden; each brand is like a plant to be treated, each garment is a flower.

As a retailer, my goal is to cultivate the shape of this garden; but this is possible only by having a comprehensive vision of it.

However, this vision can only be built by making choices.

From my point of view (rather radical), I chose to cultivate and promote small craftsmanships in Italy, the great Neapolitan tailoring tradition and the courageous ideas of young start-ups.

Obviously, in my garden there are many well-known brands, but our work will focus on building a space entirely dedicated to high qualityand without thinking about the "labels".

Sometimes the brand's mental lacks can pollute the customer's ability to evaluate.

Me and my associates are very proud of the products we can offer to the customers in our Store in Naples, and we have set up this website so as to highlight the smallest details of the fabrics and seams of every single garment.

To say the truth we would like to serve you as if you could enter our store in Naples.

but we are working on it....