Global Market VS Claudio Marini

A while ago, I had the pleasure of having a phone conversation with Claudio Marini.

For those who do not know him, Claudio Marini is a craftsman from Montegranaro and he produces hand-made shoes.

I Contacted his laboratory for an advice on the right fit of these beautiful shoes that had just arrived at the store; His daughter answered the phone, and she immediately passed the phone to her father.

A simple call became an exciting lesson on the world of handmade shoe production.

And I must confess that from his words it became clear to me that there are many production techniques, and I can't always explain it in detail to the customer.

He explained to me how a blake rapid construction could be better than a good year construction, He talked about the effort to buy top quality Italian skins (not treated with chrome, as sometimes happens with very popular shoes); but mostly he talked about the manual skill required for sewing various parts of the shoe.

There are things that the global market can't eradicate;

Some of these are very Italian; A family-run lab, late delivery of the product because it is made entirely by hand (you know, it needs time), wearing a shoe whose details are imperfect and unique.

I strongly hope to be able to convey the value of this slowness and of this way of doing.