Introducing a Young and Talented Tailor

Renewing the tradition of the authentic Neapolitan shirt to take the best of the past into the future: this is the mission of Massimo La Porta, who has gained his experience as a craftsman in the historic workshops of Pino Borriello.

Here he learned secrets and techniques that allow him to realize his personal style and vision.

The Neapolitan Shirt is the expression of an ancient and handed down handcrafted construction. The cut, the manual trimming of the neck and the connection of the sleeve with the so-called 'shifting' (in which the seam of the sides does not match with the sleeve but is sewn in a separate phase) offer to the wearer an optimal and incomparable fit to any ready-to-wear shirt .


Massimo’s work involves a mix of exclusive fabrics and different fibres, with the aim of creating a shirt that represents the synthesis of cultures and transversal generational targets. A sartorial melting pot inspired by the talented work of the Neapolitan Masters".
The more details are sewn by hand (up to the shirt completely stitched by hand ), the easier is to make a single garment that turns into a real second skin.

Furthermore, he add the quality of Canclini fabrics (whose samples are always available to Raffa customers) to this meticulous work of tailoring.

Massimo Laporta says: "I will be able to consider myself satisfied when my products are appreciated for what they are: objects designed and built with the beauty and passion typical of slow made Neapolitan craftsmanship.